Fire Season Preparedness In California

As California continues to face annual wildfires it is important to prepare for Fire season. Here are five things you can do to stay safe.

Create a space around your home this involves clearing dry leaves branches and any other flammable materials within 30 feet of your home. Develop a plan with your family on how to evacuate if needed and keep a go bag or emergency preparedness backpack ready with informed documents and necessities. Stay informed sign up for emergency alerts and monitor weather conditions regularly know your nearest evacuation center. Be sure to check out Keep your home fire resistant and be sure to use fire resistant materials when building or renovating and also keep your roof gutters and vents clear of debris. Have fire extinguishers and smoke detectors readily available. Place fire extinguishers in key locations around your home and make sure you have working smoke detectors in every room of your house.

  • So here are your five takeaways for this Vlog .
  • Make sure you have plenty of space around your home.
  • Make sure you have an evacuation plan.
  • Make sure you stay informed with local news and you keep your home fire resistant whenever renovating or building.
  • Make sure those materials are fire resistant. Keep a fire extinguisher in every room of the home, make sure it’s up to date and make sure that your smoke detectors are working well.

Taking these steps you can help protect your home and family during California’s Fire season remember it’s always better to be prepared than to be surprised.