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Safeguarding the Wine Industry

Wine is a simple pleasure in life, but producing this superior product is a complex process. Wineries specialize in not only crafting first-class creations but also providing quality customer service. This has been true for centuries, as the rich soil and rolling hills have welcomed winemaking since the Spanish settlers crafted the first American wine.

At Ted Hamm Insurance, we understand the value and history of this industry, and we offer a comprehensive winery insurance package to mitigate risks and protect against potential exposures.

Protecting the Business

At Ted Hamm Insurance, we offer insurance solutions that cover the entire process from the vine to the glass. Our team is highly focused and knowledgeable about winery operations and food processing to ensure that we provide the best coverage for our clients.

In addition, we provide online access to resources that can help you reduce losses, enabling you to operate your winery with confidence and peace of mind.

The Right Blend

We provide insurance coverage tailored to meet the unique needs of wineries.

We understand that your worst-case scenarios are different from those of other businesses, and we offer protection against risks such as wine leakage, contamination, and spoilage. Additionally, if you rely on a key supplier and their operation shuts down, we can help you put a backup plan in place and provide protection in case you experience income loss while your supplier gets back in business.

Selecting the Right Winery Insurance Coverage

Ted Hamm partners with trusted national carriers to provide personalized and reliable insurance protection for winemakers. This partnership ensures that clients receive the benefits of a carefully selected range of carriers, just as the quality of wine sets wineries apart.

We offer property insurance coverage for wineries, covering structures used for processing, warehousing, and wine tasting. Additionally, tools and equipment theft outside of the insured premise can also be covered, as well as protection for wine while in transit. For wineries that host events, special event coverage may be necessary, along with liability coverage such as product liability and liquor liability.

To learn more about winery insurance and how Ted Hamm Insurance can help, contact their agency at any time.


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