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What is office insurance / workplace insurance?

Property damage, litigation and theft can be devastating for small business owners. Do you have sufficient coverage?

If you rent office space, you must insure the contents of your office and protect your business from liability. If you work from home as a contractor, it is unlikely that your home insurance will cover your home office. Protect yourself with our fast and cheap office insurance, which you can buy online in just five minutes!

What are the costs of office insurance / business insurance?

Ted Hamm Insurance is a reputable insurance broker who serves business owners and individuals throughout California. We offer affordable office insurance for small businesses.

What does business insurance cover?

Business Office insurance includes:


• Office content
• Computer equipment, including software
• Computer system crash
• Hot water tank explosion
• Wastewater backup
• Sign coverage
• Assets in transit
• Damage due to theft
• Securities are recreated
• Receivables are recreated


• Fake depositors
• Dishonesty towards employees
• Inside the raid
• Outdoor ramp

Liability insurance protects you in the event of injury to visitors in your area. If you are sued, the insurance will provide you with a lawyer and pay the cost of the court decision if you are found guilty of injury.

Who should take out business insurance?

Small business owners can get their own insurance office from their insurance company Front Row. Vendors such as graphic designers, developers, digital marketers and office professionals can benefit from the knowledge that their businesses and office content are protected. In addition, with Ted Hamm Insurance, getting coverage is as easy as a few mouse clicks. Protect your business today