Preventing Catalytic Converter Theft

What the heck is a catalytic converter and why do people steal them?

In short, a catalytic converter is found in your cars exhaust and helps convert environmentally harmful gases into less, environmentally harmful gasses. This helps to reduce the amount of pollutants dumped into the air coming from your exhaust.

So are they stealing catalytic converters for their contribution to the environment? No, these converters contain precious, highly valuable metals that are being sold to scrap shops. Here are four tips for reducing the likely hood of someone stealing your catalytic converter.

  1. Having an ant-theft device or security alarm is a great way to scare the thief away.
  2. Installing steal plats or a cable cage around your converter to make it difficult to get to.
  3. Parking! Where you park plays a huge role in whether your a target or not. Be sure to park in well light

    locations, parking garage, or well lit streets with medium to high levels of traffic.

  4. This one might be a bit harder to do but absolutely worth it. Etch your converter with your vehicle VIN

    and/or paint it with a paint designed to withstand high temperatures and made for exhaust

The takeaway:

There are things you can do today, to prevent catastrophe tomorrow. Taking preventive steps to mitigate risk is a great way to reduce your potential for a claim.

Posted 2:45 PM