Kaliko Orian

I have been with Ted Hamm Insurance since 2014. Any company can offer services, but Ted Hamm Insurance consistently goes above and beyond being just a service business—they are a family business that cares about me and my family. I’m not just an account on the end of the phone. When I call they always greet me as if I had lunch with them yesterday. They know my name, my circumstances, my kids’ names and that I have a farm and chickens.

They don’t bounce you around from person to person. Not once have they said, ‘Sorry, I don’t know the answer’… it’s always been, ‘Sorry, I don’t have the answer BUT I will do the research and find out for you’. And, get this, they actually do find out and call you back!!

They are professional, knowledgeable and thorough. They are responsive and reliable. More importantly (at least for me), they always have time to listen to me and make me feel like my needs are the most important thing to them. They are good, caring people and I will stay with them as long as they will keep me.